An interviewer shakes hands with a candidate at the end of an interview.


Imagine if you only interviewed candidates you’d consider hiring

Not only with the right qualifications and experience, but with that elusive “fit” too.

As much as AI helps with the basics, the most important part of recruitment is easily forgotten – how well candidates fit your business. And that’s something technology can’t help you with.

You can interview a candidate with incredible qualifications and experience; but if they’ll flounder in your business or won’t get the most out of their team, why would you hire them?

CRS have a great team who pride themselves on emotional intelligence. They don't forward CVs; the difference is they find the right person with the skill-set and experience but specifically one who will gel with that particular team and hiring manager.

Grant Parker, Hyperoptic

A more human approach to recruitment

Sick of combing through piles of CVs? We’ll only send you candidates you’ll genuinely want to hire. Our thorough, fit-led recruitment process spends time on the intangible side of recruitment for candidates you can’t wait to offer to.