A man looks through a pair of binoculars, searching for a new opportunity

Your Journey

It’s a job search. Not mission impossible

Looking for a new job is the start of something new, and the start of something positive. As your recruitment consultants, we’re here to help you find a job you love and to help you enjoy yourself on that journey. Here’s how:

Step 1: It’s all about you

Pleased to meet you. We’ll start by having a chat, either in our offices or over video call. We spend a lot of time understanding YOU as well as your qualifications and skills. That’s because of the way we match candidates to jobs. We focus on how well you and a potential employer will suit each other based on cultural fit.

We’ll ask you a lot of questions.That's because we want to understand you better and match you to a job that's right for you. Do you want more money? A job that gives you more time? Or an employer who will stretch you and give you the chance to learn new things? Tell us and we'll help you.

The perfect CV. We’ll help you tweak your CV to perfection, guiding you on details such as the layout, the way it reads and even the font. We’ll also help you with things you might not have thought about. Such as how you can adapt your CV to suit different potential employers.

Time to apply.We’ll talk through the roles we have that match your criteria. This isn’t a case of matching your abilities to a job spec – our database does that for us. We like to go deeper. We know our clients well because we spend time understanding their business, cultures and teams. We'll tell you how they work and if you suit the advertised role as well as the people and environment.

Step 2: Applications & Interviews

Choices, choices. Once you’ve decided which roles you’d like to apply for, we get to work for you. We’ll present you to your potential employer, giving them a full insight into who you are. We’ve taken the time to get to know you and so will sell you to the best of our abilities.

Interview support and training. Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but we’ll reduce the stress for you. We'll work out the logistics, tell you what kind of questions to prepare for and even give you tips on what to wear. Want some extra reassurance? We guarantee that the interview you walk into will be exactly the interview we prepared you for.

What if this is your first interview in 15 years? We're here for you. We’ll go through tips and techniques and run some role play interviews with you to help you do your absolute best.

Feedback is vital. We make sure we give you feedback from each interview so you can learn from it for future interviews. Understanding interviewer feedback helps you increase your chance of future success.

Final stage interview. Exciting news! You’ve been asked back for a final stage interview. Like before, we’re 100% here for you. We’ll coach you through any preparation you need to do – for example a presentation. And we’ll give you a heads-up on who’s who for the inevitable “meet the team” moment. Some companies run psychometric testing at final stage interviews. We’ll do that with you beforehand so it’s out of the way.

Stage 3: Offers & Negotiations

You got the job! Congratulations, you’ve been offered the role. Now’s the time to work through the details. We'll make sure there are no surprises. Our detailed process means your potential employer is conscious of your expectations. This makes contract negotiations easier for everyone.

We’ll work with you and your new employer to confirm your contract, start date and logistics. We’ll help you settle into your new role with ease.